Best productivity apps for students

Here are some of the best productivity apps for college students to have on their phones.

There is so much to college, and staying on top of things is what got me to where I am now. Many students don’t know that there are tools out there to help them succeed. These are the apps that got me through college, and without them, I’m not sure I would have been able to make it.

1. Forest

Best productivity apps for students

I’d say this is the number one best productivity app for students right now. This app is useful for keeping track of time while limiting distractions from productivity. It is a fun way to see how much hard work you have been putting in and helps you put your phone down.

This app is sort of like a game. You grow cute little trees when you set the forest timer and don’t get on your phone for whatever your desired amount of time is. If you use a restricted/ distracting app, your tree will die. Which I hate when my trees die.

The app is built to limit distractions and keep you productive. When you spend more time, working, you get access to buy cuter trees (currency is your time spent).

This is an app that makes you enjoy being productive, turning it into a competition.

2. Microsoft OneNote 

This is my preferred note-taking app. I like the simple interface and I’ve been using it all throughout my college career.

I use it when I am typing up my notes, but I’ve seen some people use it for handwritten notes on their ipads. It is easy to keep all your subjects organized and easy to search for.

One note comes with many different features that can be utilized to make your note-taking experience to your liking.

3. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft lens is a pdf scanner. Most teachers now require students to present their work in digital form and are best done by conversion into pdf form. I find that Microsoft lens has been the best resource for creating my pdfs.

It makes it easy to scan papers into your phone. It comes in handy when an app doesn’t already have a built-in scanner.

4. Quizlet

I use Quizlet to help me memorize material for exams. It can be used to make digital flashcards and provides many different ways to memorize a subject.

It includes games, where you can compete against your friends or classmates to see who can learn the most. I feel like it makes learning easier and without having to write out a bunch of flashcards.

There are also premade flashcards, available to the public, created by other people around the world. It is easy to find a quizlet already made for your textbook.

5. Pocket

When school provides many articles for us to read, I don’t like to manually read long articles all the time. Pocket will read the article to you and save it in their database to pull back up later.

This is good for people who have short attention spans when it comes to reading and people who just aren’t the best readers.

6. GroupMe

Every semester, one person in the class creates a group me. This helps with keeping up to date on class discussions.

Most everyone in the class will be in it and it usually provides valuable information. Students come on the group chat often to ask questions and it can also feel like a big support group if the class is hard.

The best part about it is it is a safe space to ask questions to other students and there is no teacher in the group. This group is strictly for the students.

7. Notion

I use notion when I am doing in-depth planning for a project or writing. There are so many things this app could be used for but it is more of an organizational note-taking app.

Notion is not my preferred method for note-taking but I still use it when one note isn’t enough. It can be used for note-taking, as it has many templates available.


This app is good for people who do not have paper planners and want to keep a digital record of their day-to-day task. It helps keep me on task and getting my work done.

I like this app because It has a calendar on it, so you can plan ahead for work that’s due months in advance.

I hope some of these apps were helpful and none of these apps were a part of an ad or sponsorship. I simply wanted to provide what helped me through college and show some of the apps that I used from day one.

I truly believe that I would not have had the grades I do, if not for some of these apps.

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